• Compact All in One Layout
  • Modern Design and Fit out
  • Ready for Immediate Assembly & Use
  • Modular Construction
  • Eco Friendly
  • Available in Kit Form for Self Assembly
  • Flame Retardand Materials Throughout

For Component Specification Downloadable Sheet, please click here.


Smart Pods from IQ Design is a range of rapid assembly bathrooms for external location. They are ideally suited and intended for circumstances that require a new bathroom extension in a very short space of time. Smart Pod is also ideally suited for anyone who can no longer easily access an upstairs bathroom and toilet facility, where none is available in the downstairs area.

The sectional design of the Pod allows it to be constructed in a relatively short time frame. This design feature is also extremely useful when construction is required at the rear of a dwelling where access is restricted. All of the sections and components needed to fit out the Pod can be handled by two people and if necessary carried through the dwelling itself.

The walls of the Pod are constructed of Structural Insulated Panels. These are essentially a panel formed by sandwiching 50mm thick polyurethane insulation between 2 sheets of Orientated Strand Board (O.S.B.). They are mounted on a timber support frame and constructed from a variety of materials including timber, polyurethane and glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

Each Pod is supplied in kit form ready for immediate build up and fit out. All components required are included with each kit. The internal fitout design may be specified at time of order. As standard, all units include a level access shower, wash hand basin and WC. There are two sizes available: nominally 2.4m x 1.8m (8ft. x 6ft.) and 2.4m x 2.4m (8ft. x 8ft.). The latter is intended for wheelchair accessibility and is accessed via a926mm wide door.

Plumbing & Heating

Each unit is fully plumbed and is pressurised by the incoming water main. Hot water is delivered through a 30 liter storage heater. It is heated to around 65°C and is piped through a thermostatically controlled mixing valve which is set at 38°C. The combination of a high storage temperature and lower delivery temperature ensures there is sufficient water for a good shower. The discharge of all waste water from the shower, wash hand basin and WC is through a pumped toilet macerator. The discharge pipe is standard size 32mm waste pipe which can be routed to the nearest access junction which can be up to 100 metres from the Pod. Heating is by way of an electric heated towel rail.

The Roof

The roof for the small Pod (2.4m x 1.8m) is made in a single piece from GRP and incorporates the gutters. The roof for the large pod (2.4m x 2.4m) is made in two pieces which connect at the ridge and which also incorporates the gutters. They are extremely light weight, yet very strong and are very easily fitted without the need for scaffolding or heavy lifting equipment. The image on the left is a plan view of the one piece small roof.


The smart Pod does not include a bath! However it does include a level access shower tray with glass wall and a thermostatically controlled shower panel. Also included is a WC suite, a vanity unit, an illuminated mirror, a wall storage cabinet, a heated towel rail, an extractor fan and a generous selection of chrome bathroom accessories. The floor is finished with a waterproof vinyl and the walls with waterproof PVC inter locking paneling. A complete set of electrical cable, fittings and consumer unit is included with each Pod. Please note that the consumer unit must be fitted externally (inside the dwelling to which the Pod is servicing).


Owing to their modular design, Smart Pods are supplied in a component form none of which exceed 2.5m in length and 30Kg in weight. All components have been designed so that two people can carry them through a restricted space. Because the base frame and floor joists are fabricated from C24 quality timber sections which are bolted together, a complete concrete 2 foundation is not required. Instead, foundation "pads" of 50cm2 placed at each corner are all that is needed. Fully built units are also available and are fitted out to a very high standard and combine the use of fire retardant materials throughout. They are aesthetically pleasing both inside and out. The design for the internal layout and external features may be specified at time of order. In addition to this, they are extremely well insulated.

Versions Available

In addition to the two sizes available, there are also two versions available – free standing and extension type.

The free standing version is as its name suggests is intended for siting away from the property, while the extension version is intended for joining onto an existing property thereby acting as an extension.

Internally both types are the same, the difference is with the roofs in that the extension type features a roof with a pre moulded upstand which can be "flashed" directly to the property. It also includes foam rubber seals which provide a watertight and airtight seal between the extension and the wall of the property.


The smart Pod has been designed so that it can easily connect to an existing dwelling. The roof features a pre-moulded upstand which is weathered using the included roll of self adhesive bitumen flashing. The walls are secured via timber battons which are then waterproofed by way of EPDM quality foam rubber seals. The following drawing illustrate the simplicity of the design.

Door & Window

The window is a double glazed unit housed in a PVC frame and is openable. The position and size of it may be specified. The size and type of door depends o wether the Pod is a free standing or extension model. A hard wood exterior door is provided with free standing models, while a light internal door for extension models. The width of the door depends on the size of the Pod - the large size Pod includes a door 926mm wide which is suitable for wheelchair accessibility.