Universal Prefabricated Chimney Extenders - Designed to Extend your Chimney

These extenders have been designed to be universal fitting and will suit chimneys on the market. All models are available in 2 lengths with or without cowls in stainless steel finish. These extenders are fitted by simply inserting the barbed section and pushing firmly down into position. The outer wall has been designed so that it will extend over the flue so as to ensure protection against the rain.

  • Available in 250mm, 500mm and 750mm lengths, with or without cowl
  • Manufactured from powdercoated stainless steel
  • Quick and easy to install with push-fit barb section
  • Suitable for 125mm, 150mm and 200mm twin wall flues.
Cream Chimney Extenders

250mm Insulated Extenders

Black Chimney Extenders

500mm Insulated Extenders

Universal Chimney Extender

750mm Insulated Extenders

Barbed Section
Barbed Section

The two barbed rings grip into the chimney and the insulated section sits onto the top of the chimney. The barbs prevent the Extender from being withdrawn from the top of the flue. The outer wall extends over the chimney pot to ensure protection against rain.

Barbed Section