The Multi Drop Post & Parcel Delivery Box provides a simple solution to enable convenient parcel and postal deliveries to unavailable occupants and has been designed for ease of use by both courier and receiver and will accept multiple deliveries. It allows freedom for the owner to accept deliveries without the hassle of waiting around or being interrupted whilst otherwise engaged. It is secured to either a wall or the ground with suitable fittings which can only be accessed through the lower unlocked door. It is made from weatherproof zinc plated steel and is powder coated to give a stylish finish. It is fitted with two strong locking mechanisms.


  • Easy to instal (fixings provided)
  • Rain proof material
  • Strong, Secure and Corrosion Proof
  • Functional design
  • Large aperture for receipt of parcels
  • Other Finishes are available on request.

Medium Parcelbox

Height: 850mm
Width: 325mm

Large Parcelbox

Height: 950mm
Depth: 505mm
Width: 415mm

Both Medium and Large Multi DropBoxes are supplied with 2 locks and are available in Cream and Anthracite finish.

Multi DropBox

Multi DropBox Dimensions

Parcel Box
Parcel Box

How it works

The parcel box has a large hinged and sprung loaded upper door. the delivery person simply pulls his door open and places the parcel or parcels on the delivery chute (which is fixed to the back side of the upper door.) The door is released (it is self-closing) and the delivery contents fall down into the decure chamber below. Parcels and pos are retrieved by opening the locked door with the keys provided. The contents are both secure and dry. Owing to its clever design, it is very difficult for anybody to steal any of the contents.

Parcel Box

A chromed bar handle is lowered to reveal the parcel or mail delivery chute

Parcel Box

The Parcel DropBox is open and ready for a delivery.

Parcel Box

Parcels and / or mail are placed on the delivery tray.

Parcel Box

When the upper door is closed, the parcel or mail slides down the chute into the lower compartment.

Parcel Box

The upper door is closed.

Parcel Box

To retrieve mail and parcels, the key is used to access the lower compartment.

Parcel Box

The lower door can be closed and locked for the next delivery.

Parcel Box

The position of the delivery chute and the baffle makes impossible for delivered items to be removed.