The IQ range of Waste Disposal Bins is made from weatherproof zinc plated steel and is powder coated to give a stylish finish. The lower door is fitted with a single, strong utility lock. It can be secured to either a wall or the ground using the fixings provided. Each one is supplied with a galvanised, 60 litre capacity, steel bin measuring 430mm in width, 350mm in depth and 400mm in height.


  • Easy to install (fixings provided)
  • Rain proof material
  • Functional design
  • Strong and secure
  • Large aperture for receipt of waste
  • Large, 60 litre capacity, galvanised bin
  • Spring loaded self-closing door
  • Other finishes and designs on request
  • Custom logo printing service available on request.
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Many of the things we use every day, like paper bags, drink cans and milk cartons, are made from materials that can be recycled. Such items go through a process that makes it possible to create new material and products from them.In addition to recycling the things we buy, we can help the environment by buying products based on or containing recycled materials. Many brands of paper towels, plastic bags, greeting cards and toilet paper for example, will mention on their packaging whether or not they are manufactured from recycled materials.

The IQ range of waste disposal Bins offers an oportunity to segregate waste to facilitate recycling. The bins are robust in design and easily used. The materials from which they themself are made, are easily recyclable.


How it works

Parcel Box
Parcel Box

The spring loaded door is pulled forward.

Parcel Box

Recyclable rubbish is placed on the tray.

Parcel Box

The door is closed consigning the tray content to the bin below.

Parcel Box

The lower door is kept closed and locked until emptying is required.

Parcel Box

Owing to the second lower handle, emptying is made easy.