IQ Design is an Irish company principally engaged in the design, development and manufacture of eco-friendly products along with a complementary range of other niche products. These products include the following;

SmartFan is a range of stove fans which when placed on top of a stove will start automatically without the need for batteries or mains electricity and gently distribute the warm air around your living space.

ThermLight is a unique device which, through our clever design, uses the heat from a tea light candle to power an array of 18 LEDs.

SmartChimney Cowls is a large range of cowls suitable for most chimneys in 4 colours and includes our newly patented "Push Fit" range which allows an installer to fit a chimney cowl where it would not have been possible in the past.

SmartBalloon is a range of chimney flue balloons which are simple devices that reduce the amount of heat loss through a chimney while at the same time maintaining a well ventilated room.

LoftLifters is an easily fitted, purpose designed, strong loft floor lifting system which allows the addition of at least 180mm of insulation and the fitting of a walkable floor. We have also introduced a LoftLifter extension kit allowing the addition of a further 70mm.

SmartSweep is a rotary chimney cleaning kit which has been designed to be used in any type of traditional clay, prefabricated twin wall or flexible flue, with the use of a power drill.

Parcel Drop-Box is a range of parcel boxes which will solve your parcel or postal problems. They allow you the freedom to accept deliveries without the hassle of waiting around or being interrupted whilst busy with other matters.

More complete information on each product along with product videos is available in our Product section. Please take time to view our complete range and should you have any questions, our team would be more than happy to help you.