SMART TEMP – Infrared Thermometer

This SmartTemp thermometer is used to safely and quickly measure the temperature of hot surfaces. It features a laser which can be turned on and used to "target" areas of which the temperature needs to be known. It accurately measures the surface temperature of the stove and/or flue pipes – and from a distance!
Suitable for a multiplicity of other uses where there is a requirement to accurately measure surface temperature.

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  • Celsius or Fahrenheit switchable
  • "Red spot" laser aiming
  • Temperature hold
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 20 seconds auto power off
  • Light weight and easy operation.

SMART SENSE – Domestic Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A simple and effective device which may be wall or ceiling mounted and which will provide an effective warning of the presence of Carbon Monoxide.

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  • 85 decibel alarm - loud enough to awake you from sleep
  • LCD - accurately displays concentration of CO in the range 30 - 999 ppm
  • Battery operated - included
  • End of battery life audible warning
  • Records alarm activation peak CO level
  • Sealed and full tamper proof, comes with 5 year warranty
  • Test I reset button - allows testing and silencing of alarm
  • Includes 3 LED indicators - Green=Normal, Red=Alarm, Yellow=Fault
  • Complies with and certified to the requirements of EN 50291 :2001.( European Standard for Domestic CO alarms).

SMART BURN – Moisture Meter

A simple and effective device which enables the moisture content of firewood to be determined.

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  • Detects moisture level in wood and other combustible materials
  • Wide measuring range: 3.0% - 40.0%
  • Accurate to +1% or -1% with data HOLD button
  • Microprosessed bar graph reading Data HOLD button
  • Auto power off and Low battery indicator
  • Heavy duty and robust construction
  • 9V battery operated (supplied)
  • Provided in protective carry case.