The wall mounted box is a simple and secure letter and parcel box which allows the delivery of a parcel whenever you are not available. It is designed to be securely fixed onto a wall and is made from weatherproof zinc plated steel and is powder coated to give a stylish finish. It is fitted with a strong locking mechanism to keep your items safe and secure.


  • Easy to instal (fixings provided)
  • Rain proof material
  • Strong, Secure and Corrosion Proof
  • Functional design
  • Large aperture for receipt of parcels
  • Other Finishes are available on request.

Mini Parcelbox

Height: 400mm
Depth: 225mm
Width: 300mm

Small Parcelbox

Height: 450mm
Depth: 275mm
Width: 400mm

Both Mini and Small Parcelboxes are supplied with a plunger lock and are available in Cream and Anthracite finish.

Single DropBox Dimensions

Parcel Box
Parcel Box

How it works

The parcel box has a large hinged lid and a plunger lock fitted to the front. The hinged lid is left closed but unlocked until your parcel is placed in it. The delivery person opens the lid and places the parcel within the box. The lid is then closed and the lock activated by pressing in the button on the lock. The parcel is kept secure and dry until you are ready to retrieve it. You then simply unlock the box with the key and remove the parcel. The box is left closed but unlocked ready for the next delivery.

Parcel Box

The Parcel Box is secured in a position using appropiate fittings through all four holes in the back surface of the box.

Parcel Box

Lift the lid to gain access to the Box.
Note that the empty box is unlocked when the lock button with the integral key slot is projecting externally from the lock mechanism.

Parcel Box

A parcel or letter is made into the box.

Parcel Box

The lid is pushed down to close. Note that the locking pin plate projects from the underside of the lid and that the integral key slot still projects externally from the lock mechanism.

Parcel Box

With the lid fully closed, the lock button is depressed which engages the pin into the plate projecting from the underside of the lid.

Parcel Box

The box can only be opened with the dedicated key.

Parcel Box

To access the Parcel Box, a dedicated Key is inserted and rotated through 45° which withdraws the locking pin so that the lid can be lifted.

Parcel Box

Open the box and remove the parcel or letter!